W r HOT coz Jesus is Cool
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W r HOT coz Jesus is Cool

Hot Culture 渴文化是由一群充滿創意與夢想的年輕人於 2011 年成立的非牟利機構。渴文化的「渴」,即渴慕愛與夢想的意思;而英文 “Hot” 的發音與「渴」字相似,亦代表著我們對創意文化的火熱!Hot Culture 是以「傳遞愛」的價值觀來建立的一個羣體,主要幫助文化藝術、潮流、體育及演藝娛樂界別的朋友,互相認識了解,並透過承擔彼此的夢想,讓香港整個城市更有生氣,更認識愛!

Hot Culture is a non-profit making organization in hong kong started in 2011, founded by a group of young people flooded with creativity and dreams. The pronounciation of the word “hot” sounds similar to the cantonese word “thirst”, it resembles the thirst and passion we have for creativity. Hot Culture's mission is to set trends, to promote art and culture, as well as to promote those who are in sports and entertainment field. We also believe that we are one in a bond of love, through sharing visions and embracing each other's dreams, together we can make Hong Kong a more vibrant city with lots of love to go around!


W r HOT coz Jesus is Cool


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